Akhal-Teke horses pride of the Turkmen people

The leader of the Nation, walking with his horse named Shapolat, once again proves that he attaches great importance to the development of the Akhal-Teke horses.

Respect for art and creativity

The Leader of the Nation, from the very first days of his vacation, starting to be creative, and especially performing the new musical composition of his grandson Kerim called “Ýaşa Türkmenistan bedew bady bilen diň eöňe”, once again proved that, along with the development of culture and art, he proved that family values are an integral part of life. As you know, the Leader of the State is trying not only during his working hours, but whenever possible on his weekends to use it for the benefit of the people.

Turkmen koshma (felt).

If you look at our historical past, you will see that the Turkmens are a creative and hardworking people.